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Entwistle - 13 Abril 11:03


Jonathon - 15 Abril 14:54

Pabellón de Pica. La resguarda por el norte un promontorio de metros sobre su base y que presenta la figura que le da el nombre.

Kocaj - 7 Abril 21:21

Looks like my ex Amanda Lossing

Worsfold - 6 Julio 11:11

You are beytiful Woman! I cam from Germany

Major - 28 Enero 15:32

I identify as polyromantic asexual, but in public I present myself as pansexual, straight, or ace with some of my closer friends. I feel like using the term queer would be easiest for me, but then I'm afraid people would think of me as homosexual when I'm not. I wish more people would educate themselves so people wouldn't have to deal with these kinda of issues.

Ronni - 22 Diciembre 15:58

Older women. Enjoy them because they appreciate a man who wants to be with them rather than a girl. I love their mounds of soft, giggly flesh.

Zachary - 25 Enero 23:19

This was super cool! I'm graduating in may with a BA in Psych hoping to become a counselor. I loved how I could relate to the structure of your appointment, from assessment to homework! It was so interesting to see this from your point a view.В

Nenita - 16 Noviembre 07:41

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